Nike Winter'24

Branding, Web Design

Incredible snowy winter ‘23–24 became the inspiration for the creation of key visuals series and campaign for Nike Winter ‘24 Outwear Collection. Total white inflated shapes refer directly to snow landscapes, snow drifts
and snowballs. Bold and non-standard outwear style adds a futuristic look for the collection.

Nike Winter ’24 Collection is a conceptual vision
how winter sportswear can look like in nearest future.
The collection reimagines a symbiosis of human and environment through the natural winter shapes that was deliberately exaggerated to enhance the visual metaphor of the winter. Drawing inspiration from the tranquility of snow-covered landscapes, the color palette is focused on pure white shades, creating a visually striking aesthetic.

Futuristic showrooms around the world from Tokyo and Shanghai to New York and Portland open doors for visitors. Each one has its own unique style united
by the global design concept. Showrooms are located closer to snowy regions to enrich the Nike Winter’24 Collection experience.

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