Studio name is combined of two words ('communicate' and 'essence') that reflects our attitude to work process. Every project begins with a deep study of the business to find the core unique idea and develop future brand’s concept. Our approach is based on four principles: simplicity, functionality, partnership and originality. It helps to create brands that become out of competition.


01    Simplicity

One distinct idea is much better than ten unobvious ones. Following to this principle lets us to provide clear solutions at work. The simpler visual language of the brand the more it is comprehensible. No extras, just the essence.


02    Functionality

At all stages of the workflow we provide solutions that are applicable to real situations. Function determines design and every detail matters. These rules help to create simple design with a great significance.


03    Partnership

We consider our client as a partner. Open relationships and involvement of client into the design process make the job more productive and allows to achieve the best result.


04    Originality

Every project is unique and we adjust our work process for each client. Every story is individual and needs own tools and original idea to be presented to audience.