Branding, Packaging, Art Direction

Yioiy is a modern women's self-care brand. Created by a woman for those who appreciate comfort and style. 'We are against 'critical' days, minutes and seconds, because our life can and should be only about confidence and freedom'.

Yioiy's ambition is to be everything the other brands haven't been. We were commissioned to craft a visual identity and packaging system that reflect an image of a modern confident woman with her own personality. Classic black and white color palette and a strict sleek design allow effectively stand out against a background of competitors and to infuse an everyday product with excitement, sustainability, and a distinct look.


Minimal packaging design reminds a modern device or fashion accessory. The exquisite logotype was inspired by eco-friendly properties of the product and refers to the natural shape of plants.


Client: Yioiy
Art direction, brand identity, packaging design: Comence
Photography: Daniil Zherdev
Animation: Vladislav Usatyuk

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