Akchurin Website

Web Design, UI/UX, Art Direction

High-Tech Sustainable Factory-Built Engineered Properties


Akchurin buildings are the design, construction, and assembly of sustainable factory-built net-zero energy buildings with technology ecosystems for healthy and environmentally friendly living. Net-zero energy, zero water, and zero carbon buildings produce renewable energy and harvest water using technology to guarantee autonomous renewable living. Their patented, fast green construction technology saves time, and the ecosystems reduce water and energy consumption by up to sixty-five percent.


Our task was to present these innovative buildings, fully revealing all the features of engineering solutions, technologies, interior and architecture. The website provides detailed information about all of the features through a minimal and functional design with a touch of premium style. In addition, the website contains data about the company, its vision for sustainable future, as well as business development and cooperation plans.


Art direction: Comence
Design: Comence
Interior renders: Kanstantsin Remez
Exterior renders: Kanstantsin Remez, Daria Maistat, Krystyna Savitska
Animation: Comence
Technical renders: Sergey Antipov
Development: Angel Linares Zapater
Live website:

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