Comence x TypeType Fonts Collection

Typography, Print Design

Presented fonts collection is the result of last three years collaboration between Comence studio and TypeType Foundry. Together we created and released three sans serif font families (TT Norms Pro, TT Commons & TT Hoves). Each one has its unique style and own story which you can study in details through this edition.

Debossed letter ‘C’ on the one side of the slipcase symbolizes Comence studio, which created original fonts design. Multiple letter ‘T’ on other side is for TypeType Foundry who worked on production and development of full font families. Inside the book is divided into 3 blocks: one for each font family.


Art-direction, design: Comence design studio
Fonts production: TypeType Foundry
Photography: Daniil Zherdev
Print production: Alan Bur

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